Pacific Electrical Installations is proud to be a founding member of the First Nations Capacity Fund.

Pacific Electrical Installations (PEI) is proud to be a supporter of British Columbia Indigenous Communities. Over the past decade, PEI has been involved with supporting the training and development of First Nations in BC. PEI is a founding member of the First Nation Capacity Fund. PEI is proud to partner with BCT Projects and EECOL Electric on this forward thinking approach to employment and subsequent economic stimulation within Indigenous Communities around BC. Please click here to download more information.

Along the way, PEI has learned many valuable lessons with regard to Indigenous consultation and employment initiatives. PEI is a strong believer in a sustainable approach to Indigenous capacity growth through long term employment opportunities, our First Nations Capacity Fund and strategic business relationships. PEI has a goal that encompasses all Indigenous Communities in BC; build capacity through employment initiatives, business creation and development.The businesses should be 100% Aboriginal owned with support flowing from PEI and other like-minded partners.

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